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Membership Fee

UCAC offers a range of subscription rates according to the number of hours a week that you work.
Each rate offers fantastic value for money. For reasons to join UCAC, click here.
You can pay by cheque or direct debit. For details, click here.
Free membership!
Membership is absolutely free for:
·         Trainee teachers and lecturers while they are at university
·         Teachers and lecturers on their first term after leaving university
Just £1 a month
Membership costs no more than £1 a month for:
·         Teachers and lecturers in their first calendar year of teaching (i.e. from January onwards)
·         Teachers following the Graduate Teacher Scheme and training in the workplace
Maternity leave – 50% off membership!
Any teacher who pays by direct debit is entitled to 50% off the membership fee throughout her maternity leave – whatever the length of the leave. Contact us to let us know if you are about to start on a period of maternity leave.
Subscription Rates 2014
(January - December)
Full time
£15.50  per month
Part time: 0.7-0.9
£12.75 per month
Part time: 0.4-0.6
£10.25 per month
Part time: 0.3 and under
£8.50 per month
First calendar year of teaching
Training in the workplace 
Trainee University Lecturers 
£1.00 per month


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03 April 2014
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2 April 2014
Warm welcome for Minister’s change of heart on devolution of teachers’ pay and conditions

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