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Publications and Publicity Department

The members of the Literature Department are: the National President or Vice-President, the General Secretary and six other members elected by the National Executive.

The Department’s main responsibility is to supervise all the Union’s publications including UCAC’s Yearbook, Yr Athro, information leaflets and publicity literature.
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Latest News
25 July 2014
Special Learning Needs - but no consideration for language needs
DATHLU’R GYMRAEG, an umbrella group of Welsh language organisations has criticised a Welsh Government White Paper reform for children and young people with Additional Learning Needs.
11 July 2014
Fewer than 91 pupils = a small school, says Welsh Government
UCAC education union has discovered that the Welsh Government has defined a ‘small school’ as “a school that contains fewer than 91 registered pupils”.
30 June 2014
Advice to UCAC members during strike action by other unions
What is the situation of UCAC members in schools during strike action by members of other unions?

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